What to Expect on a Rewild Soul Adventure

All of our trips are a balanced integration of outdoor adventure and inner adventure, both seized with a spirit of discovery

Outdoor Adventure

  • Professional wilderness guidance provided by Brielle and Amber
  • A pre-determined itinerary and route for group travel in the backcountry or front-country wilderness
  • Transportation to and from our destination is usually provided
  • Delicious vegetarian food for the entire journey
  • A balance of physical challenge and breaks for resting, taking in the scenery, and solo wandering 

Inner Adventure

  • Group processes - prompted conversations with one or more trip members that support you to explore your inner landscapes and share who you are with others. 

  • Individual processes - prompted journaling or intentional solo-walks to foster introspection and self-reflection.

  • Light-heartedness - playful games, singing, story-sharing, campfires, etc.

  • Free Time - time for you to do whatever you heart desires and go wherever your curiosity leads you. We make sure to provide enough free time so that our trips feel balanced.

  • Follow-up Coaching Session - a free session with us to help you integrate what you gained from the trip into your life after the trip. You'll also have the opportunity to continue coaching to support you to keep the momentum growing in your life.

Challenge by Choice

All of our group processes are optional. No one is required to engage if they are uninterested or feel too shy to participate. We believe that a combination of compassionately meeting ourselves where we are at along with stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zones is a recipe for transformative fulfillment, so we invite participants to take this approach too.