You don't have any outdoor gear? No worries!
 We'll help connect you with resourceful ways to get prepared.

Anything marked with two stars (**) means it is available for rent at UF’s Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE). Anyone with a valid UFID can rent gear, only card is accepted as payment, and the card can belong to anyone. If you don't have a UF ID, it is very likely that someone from your trip will and you two can coordinate to get the gear you need. The link to UF CORE is listed at the bottom of the list.

Participant Packing List:

We will set up a base camp walking distance from the van for all 3 nights of our trip. Please pack all of your belongings in a duffel bag. We ask that you refrain from using hard suitcases because the van has limited space. Check the temperatures for the trip destination, and be prepared for as much as 20 degrees colder than the forecast.... You never know! 

Click to see the weather forecast for this trip.


Tent and tent stakes**
Ground tarp for tent – (The ground tarp, or “footprint”, is a plastic layer to barrier the bottom of your tent from moisture on the ground. Some alternative ground tarp ideas are a plastic drop cloth for painting, tyvek (you can order online), or a clear plastic shower curtain) 
Backpack to carry gear for day hikes
Sleeping pad**
Sleeping bag (20-30 degree depending on forecast)**
Headlamp with new batteries**
Rain jacket or poncho
Rain cover for backpack (You can use a heavy-duty garbage bag or poncho)
Two 32oz water bottles or a 2 Liter hydration bladder (i.e. Camelbak)
Personal dish (tupperware works great!) + Utensil (Camping spork is awesome!)
Lightweight mug or cup for hot drinks at night
Pillow or pillow substitute (ie. stuff sack or bag full of clothes)
Lip Balm
Tooth brush and tooth paste
For Ladies: Feminine hygiene products + a ziploc bag to pack out trash + Hand sanitizer if you are on your moon cycle
Car snacks
Money for dinner Sunday night (we will all eat at a restaurant together Sunday evening on our way home)
Bag for belongings you will leave in car and not bring on hike


  • Consider wearing the same clothes for at least two days. 

  • Get a hold of either a lightweight down or fleece jacket for the trip. You can borrow from someone you know, or consider buying a cheap one. 

  • Non-cotton material is ideal. Cotton does not keep you warm and if it gets wet, it stays wet. Try to wear athletic material clothing (spandex, nylon, wool, etc.)

Hiking outfit:
  - 1 Short sleeve hiking shirt (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - 1 Long sleeve hiking shirt (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - 1 pair of hiking pants (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - 1 pair of warm pants (leggings) for underneath hiking pants (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - Winter hat
  - Gloves or mittens
  - Hiking boots or hiking shoes or very comfortable well-worn sneakers (shoes that are worn in, not new shoes)
Night-Time Camp/Sleeping outfit:
  - 1 pair of long underwear pants (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - 1 long-sleeve sleeping shirt (synthetic material, no cotton)
  - Comfortable camp shoes (crocs or sandals or a lightweight shoe that you can wear socks with)
Warm sweater:
  -1 Down jacket
  -1 Fleece jacket
Clean outfit for long ride home
At least 3 pairs of socks (synthetic or wool)
Enough underwear + sportsbras
Money, photo ID, credit card

Optional and not necessary:

Hiking scarf or buff
Bandanas (as snot rag, sweat rag, or pee rag)
Trekking poles
Ear plugs (in case your neighbor snores, or YOU snore!)
Bio-degradable soap for hand washing (Dr. Bronners works great)
Water Filter (We will provide water filtering supplies, but if you do have one, we ask that you bring one. If not, no worries.)
Pocket knife or multi-tool

**Rentable via UF CORE

(Anyone with a valid UFID can rent, only card is accepted as payment, and the card can belong to anyone)

CORE Address:
1441 Bledsoe Dr., Gainesville, FL
Phone #: (352) 294-1040



Brielle and Amber will provide:

Transportation & Gas
All meals + trail-mix for the entire hike (This does not includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks on Friday and Saturday; and Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks on Sunday. What is not included is Thursday dinner, snacks for the 9 hour drive there and back, or Sunday Dinner. For Sunday dinner we will stop at a restaurant on the way home)
Cookware + Stove + Fuel
Journals with self-exploration prompts
Meaningful + fun group activities
Maps + whistles for each person
Water filtering supplies
Poop kit (incudes trowel, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer)
First aid supplies
Bear Bags + Ropes
More not listed.