Our Approach

We firmly believe that each person is the expert in their own life. We trust that people are inherently creative, resource, and whole; capable of coming up with the solutions to their own life challenges. We find this to be the most nourishing and empowering attitude to support others. We use Rogerian-style empathic communication to help others feel deeply understood and received, perhaps more than they've ever felt in their lives. By holding up a metaphorical mirror, our participants discover themselves from a fresh perspective and transform the knowledge already within them into realized wisdom. 


Our values explained

Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance" -Vernã Myers

We invite you all to dance! We believe that all flavors of people should be capable of experiencing the freeing power of self-discovery and wilderness adventure regardless of gender expression, skin color, cultural background, sexual orientation or experience level. We aim to expand the reach of self-exploration and wilderness experience to embrace every person with a spark of curiosity to try it.  

Spirit of Discovery

We believe that everyone has the power to choose our response to challenges, rather than react to them. Self-discovery and wilderness experience both present challenge and discomfort. This is where a spirit of discovery comes in - an intentional choice to be curious. Curiosity has a way of transforming obstacles into opportunities. It helps us get some mental and emotional space from challenge. It helps us approach ourself and others with a fresh perspective. A spirit of discovery supports us to choose to embrace obstacles and stretch far beyond what we believe we are capable of.

Authentic Communication

We believe in the power of simply being real. Embracing our human experience is the gateway to self-empowerment and inner-freedom. A necessary tool for embracing our human experience is by speaking our truth... and that takes courage! We create open, protected and accepting spaces for others to feel safe to communicate whatever is real for them in the moment. We support others to see the experiences of their lives as opportunities to know themselves better and unearth more of their true selves. We have seen, time and time again, that this process naturally cultivates inner-peace, growth, and self-compassion. 

cultivating service

We believe that the most profound joy is cultivated through service. Service allows us to receive through giving. We believe in the necessity of serving ourselves, of filling our own cups. Self-care is an integral way to give to others. It supports us to be more present. When we are present, we are more aware and available to serve people and situations that we encounter. We also value giving back to the natural world that we live in.  We believe in the humbling power of remembering that we are guests in the nature. We value gratitude and acts of service as ways to give back to ourselves, others, and that natural world we live in.