We are a team of inspired women who love to support people to connect meaningfully to themselves, others, and nature with compassion and trust.

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Our Story

Through experience, we believe that life is WAY better when we feel connected... to nature, to others, and most importantly, to OURSELVES.

In the past year we opened our eyes to something that struck us: we noticed that there are a lot people out there who are somehow feeling disempowered or uninspired in their lives, and seem to be okay or complacent with that lack of fulfillment. We see this when people work jobs that don't support their true interests and curiosities, create relationship experiences that aren't truly satisfying, hold back and hide their creative visions from the world, or don't give themselves permission to have what they truly want or need. We see these as symptoms of the phenomenon of disconnection; disconnection from others, from nature, and especially from our true selves. In a sense, this wasn't news to us, but we didn't want to settle for that, because we know through our own journeys of personal growth, that life is SO much better when we transform fear into trust, aimless wandering into clarity, and disconnection into love and belonging; and we've learned that this isn't as far from us as we might think. 

When we feel more connected, we are more available to serve ourselves, our soul's deepest desires, and the people around us, too. This is the essence of why we exist: to fan the spark of life in the heart, and raise up a community of alive and inspired individuals who care about themselves enough to ignite their spark, and who care about others enough to spread the light.

Through our personal journeys in the wilderness, we've discovered that nature acts as both a beautifully challenging and enriching shelter to hold potent space for our inner growth. Somehow or another, one can't help but look within when walking along a forest trail, or paddling along a river, or a enjoying a breathtaking view on a mountain summit.

Collectively we have 10 years of wilderness experience and have walked over 1000+ miles of wilderness trails. We feel the heart of the wild when we are in it, and we know it to be medicine for the soul. Because of this, we seek to support willing individuals to develop life-changing relationships of both giving and receiving with the wild spaces we bring them to: offering their vulnerability, their truth, their respect, and their curiosities; and receiving reflection, healing, and blooming

Through the shelter of our combined wilderness and coaching experience, we offer professionals the opportunity to get to know themselves and others on a deep level in the wilderness, and have some fun along the way, too  - the kind of quality fun that can only be had through embarking on challenging adventures within and outside.

What they return home with is a deep feeling of being loved, being safe, and belonging, the remembrance of what is special about them, and inspired self-trust to catapult them forward in the directions they feel called to go. 

Brielle Elise // Founder & Transformative Coach

Brielle is an inspiring example and guide for people who want to heal their wounds, awaken their gifts, and contribute meaningfully to the world. She is the founder of both Rewild Soul and She is Rewild, organizations that she created on her belief that every woman, man, and trans person is intrinsically worthy of love and has a unique contribution to offer the world. Through her compassionate, intuitive, and empathic nature, Brielle loves to support people to fully embrace who they are and discover and live from their unique spark.

Her work as a coach and wilderness guide is inspired by her own journey of transmuting pain into trust, insecurity into compassion, and fear into purpose. Her story is greatly impacted by her early years with her father who struggled with alcoholism throughout her life. Through painful experiences in childhood, she developed wounds that she unconsciously carried into adulthood. The pain of these wounds led her to participate in her first of many personal transformation seminars with the Satvatove Institute in 2014, marking an impactful new life chapter of healing, learning, and blooming. With the power of intention and commitment, she healed these wounds and unearthed her inherent gift as an emotional healer. She now sees her childhood pain as a divine gift that has given her the grace and power to help her clients heal and empower themselves, too.

In 2015, Brielle completed coach-training with the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, an International Coach Federation approved coaching training program. During that time she began cultivating an enthusiasm for her own spiritual life and started a year long study of transformative coaching and universal spiritual principles through the Bhagavad-Gita As it Is, a 5000 year old book of spiritual wisdom. Brielle has since voluntarily served as staff for over 450 hours of the Satvatove Institute’s personal transformation seminars, witnessing the inspiring personal transformations of over one hundred people. Inspired by those seminars, Brielle designed and facilitated her own personal transformation seminar for women in 2016, "Rewild Your Soul," to help her clients cultivate self-love. She facilitates this seminar every year.

Brielle’s coaching style is driven by a transpersonal philosophy that is rooted in the wise words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

After facilitating dozens of clients experiences, she is reaffirmed that the raw human experiences of our lives, including the seemingly imperfect experiences from insecurity, to anxiety, to depression, are invitations to look deeper into ourselves and remember who we truly are. She believes that when we connect with courage to witness and experience our life situations as rich palettes for self-realization, we begin the process of healing and “rewilding” ourselves back to our true nature as powerful, lovable beings. From this perspective, the satisfaction, freedom, and purpose we are looking for naturally manifest. With skill and warmth, Brielle receives her clients in whatever life areas they bring to the table, supporting them to turn the intrinsic knowledge and the embedded lessons from their life experiences into embodied practical wisdom to move forward with.

Brielle sees her clients as courageous, loveable beings. She guides them to walk through vulnerable uncharted territory within themselves, experience their rich inner landscapes of emotion, and use whatever is authentically there to discover and polish the truth about who they are and what their unique value is. When a diamond is covered in dust, it is still always brilliant. Similarly, Brielle believes that each of us is intrinsically whole, loved, and free; and over the course of our lives, our truth gets covered over and we simply forget this about ourselves. Brielle sees it as her life-long service to support people to remember and live from their true self-realization.

In the summer of 2013, Brielle hiked approximately 600 miles of the Appalachian Trail. That same summer, she hiked the tallest mountain in Costa Rica by herself. Her life-changing vulnerable and enriching experiences in the wilderness moved her to see the natural world as one of the most profound mirrors for our personal growth. She is stoked to support others to have an empowering intimate relationship with the wilderness as she does.

Besides hiking in the wilderness, Brielle likes to love herself through quality solitude,  regular self-reflection, mantra meditation, reading, singing, dancing, laughing, and surrounding herself in a community of conscious aspiring people. Brielle is beyond grateful to get to associate and apprentice with her mentors and spiritual teachers of the Satvatove Institute, Dr. David Wolf and Marie Glasheen.

Amber Z Larkin // Wilderness Program Director & Life Coach-in-Training

Amber loves to make people come alive. She is passionate about supporting others to step more fully into themselves and she believes that everyone has a unique spark vibrant enough to light up the world. Sometimes we just need to be reminded, re-inspired and…. re-wild.

Amber has been cultivating her inner wild woman since age 16. She has spent 10 summers as an instructor at various camps around the US. She has been a travel and wilderness guide for 8 years; leading week-long sea kayaking trips in Alaska, a 3-month trip through six Central American countries, various multi-day backpacking and paddle ventures throughout the Southeastern States, and fun adventures with her friends and family. In July of 2016, Amber and her husband hiked the entire 250 miles of the John Muir Trail in California for their honeymoon! She deeply believes that the challenge and beauty of wilderness experiences can reawaken life purpose unlike anything else.

Currently, she works for the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education at the University of Florida. Amber is a certified Wilderness First Responder. She has a Bachelor's in Anthropology and Geography. In December of 2016, Amber graduated with a Master’s in Family, Youth and Community Science. She did her Master’s thesis research on what inspires young women in Honduras to reach their full potential in the face of the adversities that they experience. She found that one of the most influential factors in young women’s perceived ability of reaching their full potential is receiving loving support from others. This awakened Amber’s passion to serve others.

Amber is a life coach in training. She completed a 100-hour training to serve as a Trained Crisis Line Phone Counselor at the Alachua County Crisis Center. She participated in two personal transformation seminars with the Satvatove Institute, where she experientially learned valuable skills that contributed to her personal transformation toolbox. Her and her husband also host weekly a meditation and sharing circle at their home that they endeared with the name “The Light House.” (You’re invited too!)

She believes that the journey to supporting others starts with working on herself. In the words of Matisyahu, “If your cup is already full then it’s bound to overflow.” She fills her cup through singing, drumming, dancing, snuggling her cat, reading self-help books, meditating, spending time with nature and rooting herself in a community centered around growth.

She frequently reminds herself of Pema Chodron’s tips for making friends with the mind:  Gentleness, Patience and Sense of Humor.

“There’s a hero when you look into your heart. You don’t have to be afraid of what you are. There’s an answer when you look into your soul. And the sorrow that you know will melt away. ...When you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. And you’ll finally see the truth. That a hero lies in you”
— lyrics from "Hero", sung by Mariah Carey