Frequently Asked Questions


What is your experience supporting others emotionally and keeping them safe in the wilderness?

Brielle has been an intuitive coach for the past three years, serving over 65 clients across an accumulated 305+ hours of coaching. She received her training from an International Coach Federation-approved coach training program. Amber has been working as an outdoor recreation guide and has been certified as a Wilderness First Responder for the past 9 years. Both Brielle and Amber also served as Crisis Line Phone Counselors at a Suicide Prevention Hotline.  Read more about our experience here

I've never been hiking before. Can or should I come with you on a trip?

Our trips are directed towards first-timers in wilderness experience, so currently all of our trips require no previous hiking or camping experience. We do need to make sure you have no current or previous injuries that will be aggravated from hiking. 

I've had a previous physical injury and I'm worried about aggravating it while hiking. Should I come on your trip?

That's a valid concern. The answer is, it depends. Talk to us about it.

It seems like you market to younger adults. Do you allow for mature adults to come on your trips? 

We welcome with open arms all ages, genders, cultures, colors, flavors, and sexual orientations.

I don't have any camping gear, but I want to come on your trip. What do I do?

Don't worry. The majority of our trip participants don't have gear. Luckily our home of Gainesville, FL has a great resource available to us for affordably renting gear: UF's Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE). With a UF student ID, anyone can rent the essential gear necessary for a multi-day hike in the wilderness. You just need to do some planning ahead to find someone with a UF student ID and to make sure you can reserve the gear during CORE's business hours. At our pre-trip meeting two weeks before the trip, we will go over these details and you can coordinate with your fellow trip participants to share or rent gear together. At our Gear Shakedown meeting one week before the trip departure, we will go over all the gear you have or plan to rent to make sure you are fully equipped for the adventure ahead. Click here to look at a typical gear list.

I want to come on your trip, but I can't afford it. What do I do?

Talk to us about this. We currently do not offer scholarships to our trips, but we are willing to help brainstorm with you to help you get what you need to come on the trip with us. We also offer payment plans.

How come your trips are so expensive? Do you Offer scholarships?

For what we offer (curated empowering experiences, nutritious meals in the wilderness, transportation to and from our destinations, and a free coaching session after the trip), we find our prices to be reasonable. However, we understand not everyone currently has the resources to casually join us on a trip. Diversity and Inclusion is one of our core values, so an important goal of ours to offer scholarships to underprivileged people who want to join us on our adventures. While we are in the challenging phase of forming the foundation of this business, we will be focusing on this goal in 2018.

I'm scared of bears. Should I be scared?

Currently all of our trips are in the Eastern U.S. where the only bears are black bears. Unlike brown bears, black bears are known to be quite docile bears who tend to stay away from humans. Still, encountering a bear is a possibility when traveling in wilderness back-country. In our pre-trip meeting two weeks before the trip, we will educate you on proper bear safety and protocol so that you are prepared for safety on our adventure. 

What are your trips like?

Read about what our trips are like on our "What to Expect" page.

How many people will join us on the trip?

Currently our max capacity for our wilderness adventures is 8 trip participants. This does not include Amber and Brielle.

Many wilderness therapy companies help people with mental health, behavioral, or addiction issues. Is that what you focus on?

We are not a "wilderness therapy" company. While in the same category of emotional helping through wilderness experience, you can consider us more of an outdoor recreation not-for-profit with a meaningful mission. We do not claim to help people solve their mental health, behavioral, or addiction issues.  We do however, have combined 12 years of experience supporting individuals to learn empowering new things about themselves, practice compassion for themselves and others, and feel deeply understood, accepted, and empowered in the wilderness.

Am I going to have to talk about my feelings on your trip?

No, you do not need to talk about anything you don't want to talk about on our trips. We will invite you to share and participate in group processes, but all processes are challenge by choice, meaning you can choose to not participate, and we will love and accept you anyway.

I've never done "self-discovery." What does that mean?

For us, "Self-discovery" means learning new things about ourselves that we didn't realize before. These new self-realizations often give us a sense of deeper understanding about why we behave the way we do and what our needs are, and this deeper self-understanding helps us support ourselves better in life. Often, self-discovery helps us feel more free, connected, and empowered. We personally find it to be an incredibly nourishing and rewarding experience.

What will I gain from joining you on one of your trips?

That's a great question. We can never guarantee what you will gain from our trips, but through experience, our trip participants walk away with feeling a deep sense of connection to themselves, to others, and to nature. Usually this comes along with a deepened feeling of compassion and acceptance towards themselves, along with some clarity on their path in life. Probably the most beautiful thing people walk away with is the experience of feeling deeply seen, understood, loved, and accepted by a group of strangers for who they truly are. We like to call this feeling the "fuzzy wuzzies."

Can I bring drugs, alcohol, or tobacco on a trip?

We have a straight-forward no alcohol, drugs, and smoking policy on all of our trips. This includes alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, spice, tobacco, smokable products, and any other mind-altering substances. Our reason for this is pretty simple: more often than not, these substances and our underlying intentions for using them inhibit our ability to self-discover.