We believe everyone deserves to have the life-changing experience that transformative outer (and inner) adventures provide. 

Our goal is to raise $8,000 to launch our scholarship program for Rewild Soul’s wilderness trips.

So here’s the deal, our trips can be expensive for some, and not everyone can easily come on our trips without breaking the bank. We want anyone who is interested in wilderness-based self-discovery to have barrier-free access to this opportunity.

Your donation won’t just pay for our program costs (that would be lame). Your donation supports someone’s journey of self-discovery!

Our goal for 2018 is to finally launch our scholarship program so that those who are new to camping/hiking experience who would otherwise struggle to afford our trips can have these kind of transformative life-changing experiences.

Your support will help us realize this full vision of making transformative outdoor adventure accessible to ALL. Imagine the joy of someone who would struggle to afford these adventures, being gifted a free space on a trip into a waterfall hiking adventure in the Appalachian mountains… you can be the channel of this great joy.