Brielle, to me she’s kind, caring and present. She’s a badass warrior woman. She insipires me to be my most courageous self.
— Manny, Trip: "Elation" August 2017
Brielle puts the heart and soul into Rewild Soul. Her heart opening processes allowed the group to bond on a deep, beautiful level. Brielle sets aside all masks and shares what’s going on for her authentically. Not only is it beautiful to witness, she inspires me to do the same. I appreciated her powerful support throughout the trip, her creativity, and flexibility. I witnessed her surrender to the natural flow of the days, all the while incorporating meaningful conversation prompts and processes into the trip. I enjoy being around Brielle and listening to her share. She has a very powerful presence.
— Laura, Trip: "Elation", August 2017
Brielle is very caring and nurturing with underlying logic. She empathizes with mental struggles very well.
— Scott, Trip: "Elation" August 2017