I remember my first time summiting a 12,500 ft. mountain alone.

It was Cerro Chirripó, the tallest peak in Costa Rica where from the summit you can see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. 

At the bottom of the mountain, my heart was tender. I was on the mend from the end of a relationship and the painful feelings of inadequacy it stirred in me.

After an intense 10 miles of hiking the steep montaña, ascending through literally five different ecosystems all in one day, from moist cloud forest to tundra-like páramo, I arrived at the base camp of the mountain where I would rest my tired legs and spirit in preparation of the final summit the next sunrise. After settling in with just an hour of daylight left, I explored the crisp foggy valley, which I remember traversing with a thoughtful sadness that felt very full and beautiful. It was a good feeling. I remember crying myself to sleep that night feeling very cold, and very lonely. It was a good feeling, too. There is something incredibly vital about feeling what's real. 

In the dark hours of morning I set out for the final 3 miles to the summit, and in the moist, dawn-colored páramo, I arrived literally minutes before sunrise to the last 50 foot vertical stretch to the top. I threw my poles to the side and used my hands to climb as fast as I could to reach the peak before the new sun peered over the horizon.


Maybe 15 feet shy of the summit, the sun arrived and accepting my position for the view, I nestled my heavy-breathing body into a little hammock-shaped embrace into the steep mountain side, and absorbed the best view of my life as my heart exploded open with the love I so deeply needed to feel whole again.

The sun wrapped the mountain peaks in light and poured silhouettes over the lakes and valley floors, and in that single moment, feeling incredibly small in the vastness, my heart was filled with a profound humility and a deep knowing that everything was okay.



Who knew that humility, a deep sense of feeling so small and unimportant, would bring me back to the assured remembrance that I my own love was enough, and that I was deeply valued and held by something or someone far grander than me.

This is the experience I seek to facilitate in people's hearts when they come with me on our Rewild Soul wilderness trips. There are few feelings like this. 



We have just three more spots for our upcoming wilderness adventure. We will be winding through forest trails and greeting sunrise on the canyon rim. If you're interested in joining me on the next trip (Providence Canyon, GA: 11/9/17 - 11/12/17), please email me (brielle@rewildsoul.com) a little bit about why you think you should join us on the next adventure.

Rewild Love, 
<3 Brielle