Amber... I think she’s a lady James Bond. Confident, funny, honest and authentic! I respect and admire how knowledgeable and giving she is.
— Manny, Trip: "Elation" August 2017
Amber’s boundless energy infused the trip with enthusiasm and fun. She is a natural leader both in the wilderness aspect of the trip and in the growth based processes. Her skillset in the wilderness brought a sense of security and safety to the group, with many of us being novices to backpacking. Her willingness to share her goofy, hilarious self encouraged me to let that part of myself shine. Amber is always willing to go there, to go deep, and shares herself with unabashed authenticity.
— Laura, Trip: "Elation" August 2017
Amber has a lot of presence. She is excellent in interpretation of an individual’s needs and modified her communication appropriately.
— Scott, Trip: "Elation" August 2017